We advance sustainability in healthcare

We advance sustainability 
in healthcare
Positive impact matters - for patients, the planet, and you

With a local presence in more than 70 countries, we want to be part of your sustainability journey going forward: to help you reach more patients, diagnose diseases earlier, and make healthcare more affordable and accessible for underserved communities. Thanks to sustainably designed products and services, we can help you reduce your energy consumption, CO2 emissions, and your volume of solid and liquid waste.

We aim for maximum positive impact 

Engaging in capacity-building efforts around the world allows us to tackle key challenges in healthcare. We provide technology and training wherever needed, so that our partner organizations can reach more patients, strengthen their workforce, and preserve resources in the process.

Together, we create new possibilities in a world of limited resources 

Our sustainable commitment

We commit to improving healthcare access for all, limiting our environmental impact as we pioneer breakthroughs, and engaging our diverse Healthineers to achieve impact on a global scale – these are the three pillars of our sustainability strategy. Find out more about our concrete targets, how we want to achieve them, and see our latest progress in the detailed Sustainability Report 2023.