MedTech Industry Leverages Platform as a Service

teamplay digital health platform

MedTech and pharma companies are transitioning beyond biopharmaceuticals, medical devices, and equipment to provide end-to-end solutions across the patient care continuum. The key is to support proactive, predictive, and personalized care delivery and management that is sustainable. This involves enabling better outcomes, improving patient and clinician experience in care pathways, reducing healthcare costs, removing inefficiencies in workflows, and maximizing the convergence of capabilities.

Data enables the healthcare industry to achieve this, and in a bid for relevancy and differentiation, many MedTech and pharma companies have embraced digitalization. Digitalization is now seen as an enabler of this transition as healthcare companies strive to enhance value for their customers, partners, and themselves. With the availability of digital tools and technologies, the healthcare industry is looking at new monetization models through process improvement and product development.

  • MedTech companies should choose a partner whose vision, breadth and service align with overall digital transformation efforts.
  • Partnering with an established platform services provider enables access to a compliant, secure, tried and tested platform and acts as a technology accelerator.
  • A partnership offers the potential to focus on core competencies while collaborating to explore new and adjacent opportunities, by joining forces and leveraging network effects.