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What percentage of MRI sites do perform brain exams in clinical routine?


1 in 4* clinical MRI exams is of the brain.




MRI of the brain is one of the most commonly performed exams in clinical routine and research.

But reimbursement for brain examinations have dropped by 45%* over the past three years.

Improved throughput is crucial for this core exam.

To overcome the challenges and maximize on the opportunities in Neuro MRI we enable you to be more efficient, more productive and more innovative with:

Push-button brain exam in 5 minutes*

Simultaneous Multi‑Slice*
Accelerate advanced neuro applications for clinical routine

Simultaneous Multi‑Slice*
Accelerate advanced neuro applications for clinical routine

Learn more about Simultaneous Multi‑Slice*

GOBrain* – push‑button brain exam in 5 minutes*

GOBrain is a push-button brain exam with all relevant orientations and contrasts including diffusion and T2 – clinically validated and in only 5 minutes.*

GOBrain is supported by Siemens' Tim 4G RF architecture and ultra-high coil element density, providing excellent SNR and fast acquisition times.

Image courtesy of Massachusetts General Hospital and Athinoula A. Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging. Images acquired on a MAGNETOM Skyra with Head 32.

GOBrain* offers clinically validated brain exams with multiple orientations and all relevant contrasts. Reduce the need for sedation and rescans to reduce costs per scan.

Sag T1

41 s

Ax T2

62 s

Ax T2 DarkFluid

96 s


80 s

Ax T2 Hemo

6 s

Sag T1 41 s
Ax T2 62 s
Ax T2 DarkFluid 96 s
Ax DWI 80 s
Ax T2 Hemo 6 s

Assume a general practice conducts 25 exams per day. Typically 4-5 are of the brain. With GOBrain3 brain exams can be potentially doubled to 8-10 cases a day due to the reduced scan time.

Improve patient throughput and achieve potential additional revenue

As reimbursements for core brain exams have dropped by 45%* in the last three years increased productivity is crucial. With GOBrain a diagnostic brain exam can be completed in 5 minutes – potentially doubling throughput.

Calculate your potential additional income per year.

US$ 230*

Charge per case


Additional brain cases per day


Working days per week


Working weeks per year

US$ 287,000*

Potential additional income per year

Simultaneous Multi‑Slice* – accelerate advanced neuro applications for clinical routine

Acceleration of diffusion and BOLD imaging will help bring these advanced techniques into clinical routine.

Simultaneous Multi‑Slice is a paradigm shift in MRI acquisition, to significantly reduce scan times by up to 68%* bringing advanced neuro applications for clinical routine.

Reduce imaging time for diffusion MRI by up to 68%* without compromise

Conventional, p2

TA 34:38 min

Conventional, p2

TA 34:38 min

SMS 4, p2

TA 11:10 min

SMS 4, p2

TA 11:10 min

Simultaneous Multi‑Slice Diffusion in routine clinical imaging

Routine DWI is a critical component of almost all clinical neuro imaging protocols of the head. By accelerating your routine DWI, this can result in better routine general scanner management.

»…time savings [from Simultaneous Multi‑Slice] would translate into sufficient time for an additional 2-3 patient scans per day per magnet at a busy outpatient practice.«* Timothy Shepherd, M.D., Ph.D.,
Assistant Professor, Neuroradiology Section,
Department of Radiology,
New York University, New York, NY

The statements by Siemens’ customers described herein are based on results that were achieved in the customer's unique setting. Since there is no "typical" setting and many variables exist there can be no guarantee that other customers will achieve the same results.

Use slice acceleration to increase temporal resolution for greater sensitivity to detect the BOLD signal.

Use slice acceleration to increase temporal resolution for greater sensitivity to detect the BOLD signal.

Checkerboard, TE 30, 2 mm iso, 48 slices, TA 4:30 mins

Drag the slider to compare the image quality

Bring advanced DTI and BOLD in clinical routine – with Simultaneous Multi‑Slice – and achieve potentional additional revenue*

Simultaneous Multi‑Slice enables better presurgical mapping within clinically‑viable timeslots, leading to better patient outcomes and greater efficiency in surgical theatre utilization.

Calculate your potential additional revenue per year.



patient per week for presurgical mapping

Assume you determine in every 8th presurgical planning that WADA isn't necessary for this patient

US$ 35,360

additional charges per year

(with US$ 680* reimbursment per case)

US$ 4,974

additional savings per year

(US$ 829* additional saving per case)

   Potential savings of 30 minutes OR time per week*

US$ 31,200

additional savings per year

(30 minutes* per patient; US$ 20* per OR minute)

US$ 71,500

Potential additional revenue per year

MAGNETOM Flash – Simultaneous Multi‑Slice Supplement

Discover the MAGNETOM Flash issue dedicated on the topic of Simultaneous Multi‑Slice – your opportunity to understand this revolutionary technique from the pioneers themselves, and to prepare yourself for using Simultaneous Multi‑Slice in your daily practice.

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