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The world's first Twin Robotic X‑ray scanner: Multitom Rax

In today's healthcare environment patient care and productivity often compromise each other.

With the new X‑ray scanner Multitom Rax, it’s no longer either/or.

Multitom Rax uniquely combines patient care and productivity, bringing them to a whole new level. Its Robotic Advanced X‑ray technology (RAX) delivers a combination of high asset utilization, new clinical insights with natural Real 3D, and less patient positioning and transfers. All in one room. It’s the world’s first Twin Robotic X‑ray scanner.

  • Perform a multitude of X‑rays – in just one room
  • See reality with Real 3D3 – for the first time
  • Let the robots move – not your patients
  • Define standards easily – and multiply your productivity
  • Be future-proof – with Twin Robotic X‑ray
Latest clinical value case1

Real 3D in extremities

Challenge: A patient with wrist pain

At least 2 X-ray images have to be made but the root cause cannot be seen. To get more diagnostic information a 3D CT scan is required. For CT scans of upper extremities, the patient needs to be positioned ideally with the arm above his head.

Explore the solution: Comfortable and low dose scans with Multitom Rax Real 3D.

Latest clinical value case1

Port implantation and follow-up chest X‑ray

Challenge: Two different kinds of examinations are needed for the same patient.

67-year-old male with newly diagnosed pancreatic cancer with liver metastasis.

The intervention – the implantation of the port – is performed on an angiography system. An X‑ray on a dedicated radiography system with the patient in a standing position is then required.

Usually two different systems in two different rooms are required, an angiography room and a conventional X‑ray room. A post port implantation patient often feels very unstable, yet has to be transferred to a routine radiology room for a follow-up chest X‑ray, in order to rule out a pneumothorax. In addition, a port implantation does not require the full capabilities of a high-end angiography system. A fluoroscopy system with digital subtraction angiography (DSA) functionality and very good patient access is more than sufficient for this kind of examination.

Explore the solution: Port implantation with digital subtraction angiography* (DSA)

Latest clinical value case1

Hidden fracture - Real 3D in trauma imaging

Challenge: Source of pain cannot be identified in conventional 2D X‑ray.

A 2D X‑ray image is a summary of overlapping structures into one single plane. This makes the evaluation of fine structures very difficult. Fractures can be missed.

A missed fracture leads to different kinds of problems:

  • Pain and discomfort
  • Immobility
  • Nonunion (fracture does not heal)
  • Necrosis – with subsequent amputation of the bone
  • Ligament weakness
Explore the solution: A Real 3D scan is made with Multitom Rax.

Latest financial value case1

Cross-table exams

Challenge: More time, more dose with multiple views

In radiography, three-dimensional anatomical regions are visualized in 2D images only – usually requiring a second 2D scan from a different direction.

If the patient can’t be turned because it causes pain, tube and detector have to be repositioned in a 90° angle.

Explore the solution: Streamline workflows with robotic aligned movements
Multitudes of operational values

Free Examinations

Challenge: More comfort and less risky handling

The motion concept of Multitom Rax allows virtually unlimited positioning freedom and projections. It also enables free examinations with RAXalign – without cumbersome handling with the detector.

Multitom Rax is a win-win all around: reduced risk of retakes, reduced time consumption and more comfort for the patients.

Explore the value of standardization of free exposures.

Future-proof investment

1) Option
2) Option, only in combination with additional workstation syngo X Workplace.

RAX arm

Detector arm for high-speed positioning with robotic precision in up to 5 axes simultaneously

See why innovation matters

The fastest and safest way to the next position with Twin Robotic movements

See why innovation matters
Tube stand

Tube stand for high-speed positioning with robotic precision in up to 5 axes simultaneously

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RAX detector

Integrated 43 cm x 43 cm (17” x 17”) detector for static, dynamic 1), and Real 3D 2) imaging
Add MAX wi-D 1) and MAX mini 1) whenever you need

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For all information and control right at the patient’s side

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High table weight capacity of up to 240 kg (529 lbs) and lowest table height of 50 cm (19.7”) only

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Control console1)

Safe system control only at the touch of a human hand

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“The automated positioning, tracking and alignment of the tube and detector is highly beneficial.2 Elisabeth Sommer
Medical technical assistant,
University Hospital Basel, Switzerland

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