Atellica NEPH 630 System
Smart, Simple, and Secure Protein Testing

Atellica NEPH 630 System
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Measuring principleNephelometry; measurement of the scattered light intensity in a fixed angle of 13–24°
MethodsMore than 60 programmed assay protocols
Sample throughputEffective: Approximately 65 tests/hour depending on the assay mix
Nominal: 100 tests/hour
Analysis methodFixed-time kinetics, end-point measurement, VLin Integral
CalibrationMulti-point calibration
Reagent RotorSegments for 3 control serum vials
Segments for 2 reagent vials
Sample RotorSegments for 15 sample tubes
Segments for 7 standard vials
Dilution unit1 frame for max. 96 dilution cups
Size of sample tubesDiameter: 11–16 mm
Height: 65–100 mm
For pediatric samples:
Conical microtubes with a maximum filling volume of 1.5 mL
Bar code readerAutomatic reading of different bar code types: 2/5 interleaved, Codabar, Code 39, Code 93, Code 128
Reagent volume40 μL reagent consumption on average
Sample dilution1:1 to 1:32,000
Level detectionFor samples, standards, controls, reagents, and container for system liquid and waste
Reaction cuvettes90 disposable cuvettes
Measuring temperature37 ± 1.5°C
Light sourceInfrared high performance LED
Wavelength840 ± 10 nm
DetectorPhotodiode with integrated pre-amplifier

Instrument weight and dimensions                                                      

Analyzer dimensions
(W x H x D)
107 x 60 (lids closed) x 63 cm (42.1 x 23.6 x 24.8 in.)
Computer and monitor
dimensions (W x H x D
including keyboard)
Approx. 36 x 46 x 55 cm (14.25 x 18 x 21.5 in.)
Printer§ dimensions
(W x H x D)
Approx. 41 x 27 x 37 cm (16 x 10.5 x 14.5 in.)
Analyzer weight115 kg (254 lb.)
Computer and
monitor weight
Approx. 14 kg (31 lbs)
Printer weightApprox. 7 kg (16.1 lb.)

Room environment
Ambient temperature18 to 32°C (64 to 89°F)
Relative humidity<85% (non-condensing)
Average thermal output404 W in operating mode
Water requirementsDeionized water NCCLS Type 2
Microbial count must not exceed 100 CFU/mL

Electrical installation requirements
Voltage100 V rating: 90 to 110 V
120 V rating: 108 to 132 V
230 V rating: 207 to 253 V
Power consumption500 VA (operating mode)
Host interfacingDownload mode, host-query mode, ASTM
Ports1 10-Base-T/Base TX Ethernet RJ45
1 Serial (DB-9) (male)

Computer and printer
TerminalWindows computer
Printer§Standard laser printer


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