Montdidier Hospital Triples Workload and Expands Menu of Tests with New VersaCell SolutionMontdidier Hospital Expands Service to the Community

Siemens Healthcare|2013-09-02

In the town of Montdidier in France’s Picardie region, the 150-bed Montdidier Hospital serves a population of 6,000 with a wide range of services from perinatal to nursing-home care. Three years ago, the hospital lab opened its testing to external populations—the outpatients of area physicians—in addition to its traditional services for hospital inpatients. This tripled lab workloads and created demand for a wider menu of tests. Meanwhile, Montdidier Hospital prepared for ISO 15189 accreditation becoming mandatory in France. To satisfy the demands of changing workloads and accreditation requirements, the hospital transformed its lab with new technologies from Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics. The results include fast, accurate analyses; streamlined workflows; lower cost; and better regional patient care.