Driving change and quality in modern care delivery

Accelerating the change in healthcare rather than waiting for someone else to do it

The University of Missouri and University of Missouri Health Care needed a long-term partner who could help them deliver better care at lower cost and at a much more accelerated rate. A few-year relationship doesn’t create the required performance commitment in the long run. So by creating this ten-year partnership called “Alliance for Precision Health”, the key stakeholders benefit from Siemens Healthineers innovative engineering and transformation capabilities with the research and education expertise of UM System and the clinical experience of MU Health Care. This alliance will improve healthcare operations and develop the clinical and technical personnel of the future.

Learn in the video how the partnership between Siemens Healthineers, the University of Missouri System and MU Health Care improves efficiencies to delivering better patient outcomes and patient experience in a sustaining way, benefiting both partners.