The KKM in Mainz is one site of the Marienhaus Group.

Expanding digital adoption in order to enhance patient experience and boost competitive advantage at 

Marienhaus Group, Germany

Siemens Healthineers and the Marienhaus Hospital Group, based in Waldbreitbach, have launched a ten-year technology partnership -including an option to extend for an additional five years. Siemens Healthineers is developing a digital strategy for the Marienhaus Group that will eventually interconnect 18 hospitals and streamline clinical processes. The partnership provides for the replacement and management of around 130 medical imaging devices at all sites in the German states of North Rhine–Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate, and Saarland. Plans also call for personalized online training courses for clinical and technical staff. The partnership offers the Marienhaus Group reliable planning data and cost transparency for the duration of the partnership as well as a modern inventory of equipment. Digitally supported processes make it easier for clinical staff to focus on providing patients with quality medical care. The contract has a volume of around €40 million.

Value contribution

AI-enabled, upgraded, and harmonized technology fleet

Increases process efficiency

Targeted online training 

Saves time, reduces costs, and enables high competitiveness 

Virtual expertise sharing and data-driven decision 

Support drive digital transformation



Improve patient outcomes

Enable high quality of care by benefiting from innovative medical technology

Enhance competitiveness

Develop and train staff and enhance cost effectiveness to increase competitiveness

Leverage digitalization

Digitalize and improve clinical workflows and interlink hospitals to gain efficiency

  • 10-year Value Partnership for Technology Management: Replacement and continuous management of 130 innovative radiology and advanced imaging devices at 18 hospitals supported by an onsite manager 
  • Introduction of PEPconnect and PEPconnection as central online learning platform providing access to personalized and focused clinical learning content in a time and cost-efficient manner
  • Digital strategy aiming to interconnect all hospitals and streamline clinical processes: syngo.via supports image reporting with smart algorithms, teamplay Dose and teamplay Usage simplify dose and performance management and syngo Virtual Cockpit enables cooperation across sites

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