Guardian Program including ImageGuard
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Guardian Program including ImageGuard
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ImageGuard, an additional service in the Siemens Guardian Program, monitors the detector to identify problems over time in dedicated molecular imaging systems. The following detector parameters being proactively monitored are: temperature, voltage, photomultiplier tube, crystal (with calibration data), and power supply. Software algorithms detect certain deviations at a very early stage and predict the probability of failures. We provide detector analysis for increased system availability, letting you focus on your patients. It further reduces workflow interruptions by combining advanced remote technology with trained experts, dedicated to predict service needs, turning unplanned into planned service.


To learn more about the Guardian Program including ImageGuard you can download the brochure or get directly in touch with us by using the contact form. Let Siemens Healthcare enable you to improve diagnostic confidence by reducing the risk on detector based imaging artifacts.

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