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LifeNet is an online portal that allows you to manage the performance and maintenance of your Siemens Healthineers equipment 24/7. Giving you full control at all times, designed to help you thrive in an increasingly digitalized industry. It improves efficiency and simplifies your workday by bringing information directly to your fingertips.

If you are planning maintenance activities, would like to monitor the status of your equipment and service requests, or document service history: LifeNet is your answer.

  • Plan ahead: Maximize your equipment's productivity
  • Monitor efficiently: View your equipment status and maintain control
  • Manage effectively: Access data on demand to meet your needs

“LifeNet had a great impact on our operations, without that we could not work and meet the need for growth that Alliar imposes. Without that service it would be harder to carry out our activities.”

José Ricardo Silveira Pereira
Clinical Engineer
ALLIAR Médicos a frente, São Paulo, Brazil

Features & Benefits

Plan ahead: Maximize your equipment's productivity

Stay ahead and save time in planning service activities to get back to running operations as fast as possible. LifeNet offers easy scheduling and management of your service requests.

Easily create and update a variety of different service requests

Open service tickets with the click of a button and change them according to your needs.

Manage upcoming upgrades, maintenance, and training

Plan your service activities online, monitor scheduled activities in a calendar, and plan downtimes to fit into your daily schedule.

Choose available upgrades, order trial licenses, and get quotes

Optimize the use of your equipment and keep it up-to-date by choosing from a comprehensive menu of upgrades, trial licenses, and get a quote right away.

“As we can schedule our service events, LifeNet allows us to do our staff planning appropriately and to ensure that the utilization of our systems is as high as possible.”

Blake Collins
Director of Clinical Engineering
Christiana Care Health System, Wilmington, USA

Monitor efficiently: View your equipment status and maintain control

LifeNet is your personalized control center that makes your work run more smoothly. Monitor the status and availability of your Siemens Healthineers equipment and your service requests – 24/7 and from any device.

Know your equipment status and details instantly at a glance

See your equipment and its details on the entry dashboard. Make use of the color coded equipment on the map to know about your equipment's availability – even in multiple locations.

Track open service tickets and upcoming events in near real-time

Check the status of open service tickets and sort them by date or ticket number, so you never lose track of what is on queue.

View service contract dates and deliverables

Keep an eye on your Service Level Agreement and search for your service contract per equipment – for quick access when it is time to renew.

“LifeNet helps me a lot with my everyday work. All information is available through a few clicks. This way, I can monitor all of my equipment. […] If I had to sum up the advantages of LifeNet in one word, I´d say: Efficiency, the alliance of efficiency and profitability.”

Michel Paret
Centre Hospitalier de Lariboisiére, Paris, France

Manage effectively: Access data on demand to meet your needs

LifeNet provides service activity in an electronic paper trail. The service event logbook makes documentation available when you need it – when you talk to management, when you prepare for audits, or for follow-up.

Have service documentation available for audits

Make use of the documentation options to be prepared for audits and questions from management by having service-related data in one place.

Monitor and analyze service metrics

Service-related data (service tickets and maintenance activities) is easily accessible in one place for information and records when you need them.

“LifeNet is an ideal tool for monitoring and controlling those KPIs agreed in the maintenance contract.”

Fermín Molano Oliva
Head of Clinical Engineering
Hospital Fuenlabrada, Fuenlabrada, Spain

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