syngo Dynamics Report Designer Siemens Healthineers Academy

Siemens Healthineers Academy are offering a basic course and a workshop for syngo Dynamics Report Designer.

Basic Course 2 days

The course focuses on the basic structure and functions of the Report Designer program. In the course, you get to know the overview of all elements of Report Designer. You will learn about the principles of the design program with basic functions and simple modifications of your own department's templates. You will learn how to change parameters and how to add and remove information. Lectures are interspersed with practical exercises.

Workshop 2 days

An interactive workshop where we work with advanced functions for calculations, layout, observations, and phrase generation as well as new functions in later versions of syngo Dynamics. The goal is to inspire and give ideas about how smart functions can facilitate and improve reporting. We will also have the opportunity for participants to share their own experiences about how templates are used in daily work with the opportunity to present ideas and requests for improvements and/or new features.

Basic Course: System administrators or others who work or will work with the design of reports and worksheets in syngo Dynamics version VA40.

Workshop: Users who have previously taken the basic course and/or work on their own with the Report Designer tool today.

The course will be held upon request.