syngo.CT Cardiac Function

syngo.CT Cardiac Function provides fully automatic evaluation of left and right1 ventricular function. The automatic pre-processing has the data ready for functional evaluation as soon as the case is opened. The ventricles are automatically segmented and the software provides all relevant information for local and global function assessment.

Features & Benefits

For an in-depth evaluation of the cardiac function the software automatically calculates the global parameters ejection fraction, myocardial mass, stroke volume, end-systolic and end-diastolic volumes. The local parameters wall motion and wall thickness are displayed in AHA conform 17-segment 2D polar maps. The assessment of congestive heart failure is facilitated.

The dedicated visualization of first pass enhancement1 highlights ischemia and yields valuable information on the effects of a stenosis. The late enhancement1 feature helps to categorize perfusion defects as viable or non-viable.

  • Automatic removal of table, rib cage, and blood pool
  • Automatic segmentation of the left and right1 ventricle. The robust algorithms also work with MinDose data, allowing for reliable assessment of cardiac function while minimizing the dose delivered. Reducing the current to as low as 4% yields a dose reduction of up to 20%-30%. Cardiac Function evaluation with MinDose data is a perfect example of the symbiosis of syngo.via and the SOMATOM Definition Product Family.
  • Straightforward navigation between cardiac phases for quick review of segmentation results.
  • Automatic calculation of global and local functional parameters as soon as the case is opened
  • Two calculation methods for comparison with MRI data: The standard mode includes the papillary muscles in the calculation, whereas they are excluded in the blood volume mode.
  • Easy highlighting of ischemic areas with the single-click enhancement1 functionality indicating first pass perfusion deficits with a color-coded overlay
  • Facilitated evaluation of late enhancement1 data sets by providing color coded highlighting of late contrast agent uptake
  • Straightforward drawing of contours, e.g. in the case of congenital heart disease or severe cardiomyopathy
  • Cardiac movie playback including adjustment of movie speed to heart rate
  • AHA-conform 17-segment polar maps for visualization of first pass myocardial enhancement
Rapid Results Technology
  • User-specific definition of customizable procedures that can be saved as individual protocols in the Protocol Configurator
  • These configured protocols can be re-used for an automated generation of snapshots, radial and parallel ranges for MPR, MIP, and VRT images (incl. VRT presets) in every case
  • Standardized image creation, including PACS series and filming, for time-saving in clinical routine
  • Ideal to share hints, tips, and recommendations both for educational purposes and in order to increase standardization

General Requirements

Please Note: Additional technical pre-requisites may apply. Upon receiving your request, your local Siemens representative will clarify whether your system meets the requirements.


syngo.CT Cardiac Function is part of the CT Cardio-Vascular Engine that also features the applications 

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