Artis CockpitClear up your control room

Create more free space to work efficiently in the control room with the Artis Cockpit. This innovative concept finally clears things up – by eliminating multiple keyboards, mouse and monitors. You can bundle and operate up to nine compatible sources on one workplace.

Whether it’s for radiology, cardiology, electrophysiology or surgery, the Artis Cockpit can accomplish great things in the control room. With sharp details, pure colors and high brightness, the 30-inch medical-grade monitor delivers excellent quality over the entire screen. Up to nine inputs can be simultaneously displayed, with a choice of 4 different screen layouts. Images can be easily rearranged by using the unique drag & drop functionality.

Artis zee cockpit<br />

 Key Features 

  • 30-inch full-color mediacal grade monitor
  • 4 megapixel resolution at dual HD
  • Image drag and drop
  • Consolidate up to 9 video sources in one or two screens
  • Choose from 4 different screen layouts
  • Full control by a double-click in the image
  • Save space in the control room


General Requirements

  • Artis Q.zen
  • Artis zee
  • Artis Q