Results from an Operational Comparison Study for Clinical Chemistry and Immunoassay Solutions* 

Abbott Alinity ci-series and Siemens Healthineers Atellica Solution

Atellica® Integrated Automation Insert Rack

In an operational comparison study of the Siemens Healthineers Atellica® Solution and the Abbott Alinity ci-series clinical chemistry and immunoassay systems conducted by Nexus Global Solutions, Inc. (Nexus), Plano, TX, Atellica Solution demonstrated greater operational efficiencies in a 20 ft2 smaller footprint.* 

Choosing the right clinical chemistry and immunoassay solution for a diagnostic laboratory is critical. In addition to providing accurate, timely clinical results, the right system needs to help labs optimize the efficiency of their diagnostic operations and staff. 

  1. Atellica Solution reported over 65% of results faster with shorter total run time versus Alinity ci-series* 
  2. Atellica Solution required 39% less time for manual preparation and start-up versus the Alinity c-series* 
  3. Atellica Solution required 57% less daily start-up time and maintenance versus the Alinity c-series*