73% reduction in hands-on time*Productivity you can count on powered by Atellica® Solution

Today’s laboratories are expected to do more work with less staff. While demand for laboratory testing is continuing to increase, they are faced with staffing shortages and decreased budgets.

  • In workflow studies at two high-volume laboratories in Europe, automated processes on the Atellica Solution reduced hands-on time by as much as 73%*:
    • Reduced maintenance hands-on time by 55% and 94%, respectively, per shift*
    • Reduced reagent loading hands-on time by 57% and 24%, respectively, per shift*
    • Reduced QC hands-on time by 65% and 94%, respectively, per shift*
  • Variable reagent pack sizes with concentrated reagents accommodate many testing volumes
  • Consolidation of testing onto one system reduces the number of user interfaces needed to manage immunoassay and chemistry testing workload

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