Improving patient experience

Optimize Diagnostic Experience

The diagnostic experience is generally described as the sum of interactions the patient experiences, while on the diagnostic pathway. It is an inherent element of a patient’s interaction with a care provider. Thus, a positive patient experience is increasingly being recognized by healthcare providers, not only as a desirable feature for maintaining customer satisfaction, but also, as an elemental business priority.

patient experience
  • By acknowledging and adapting to the patients’ needs during their diagnostic journey, a healthcare system can expect to prevail in a world in which the patient is gradually shifting towards a more consumer-oriented mindset when interacting with a medical environment. 
  • Focusing on the necessary improvements can result in clinical, operational, and financial benefits for healthcare providers.
  • According to the research conducted by Siemens Healthineers and The Beryl Institute, almost two thirds believe that their own diagnostic experience would influence their future choice of a healthcare organization or system.1

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Ensuring a pleasant and efficient process
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People & staff, the overall process, and the medical equipment & technology - these are the three core dimensions that influence the patient’s experience.

This paper shares the survey’s findings and examines precisely which factors are influencing the patient’s diagnostic experience and includes actionable steps to improve it.

Three key-factors positively influencing the diagnostic experience

Three key-factors positively influencing the diagnostic experience - patient staff interaction

Positive patient-staff interactions

Three key-factors positively influencing the diagnostic experience - processes

Pleasant and efficient processes

Three key-factors positively influencing the diagnostic experience - technology


Once all three dimensions have achieved a basic level of quality, the overall diagnostic experience may be perceived as positive.

An excellent diagnostic experience can be attained by enabling positive patient-staff interactions, utilizing patient-friendly technology, and ensuring a pleasant and efficient process. All factors contribute to and define an optimized patient experience.