A new world of CT simulation
Transforming care delivery in radiation therapy

Opening the door to a new world of CT simulation
A new world of CT simulation
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Modern radiation therapy planning demands images that provide reliable information about the tumor and surrounding organs. Yet for years now, the process involved in acquiring this information has been time-consuming and prone to errors. The next leap forward in CT simulation is long overdue.

But now things are changing.

We're about to introduce brand-new solutions1 that redefine what a CT simulator should be

We've transformed CT technology to create meaningful, large-bore RT imaging solutions1 that unlock key innovations for your field. And by integrating dedicated RT hardware and AI-supported software, they come ready-equipped to enable you to fight cancer on a new level.

Our new solutions for CT simulation transform care delivery. Every single step is truly tailored to helping you achieve the ideal starting point for optimal RT planning and better outcomes.

Reliable workflow

Expand your horizons to embrace a brand-new kind of CT simulation

Smooth, guided, and streamlined workflows that master complexity and eliminate errors

Successful CT simulation needs efficient and fail-safe workflows. Yet current processes involve many different software and hardware solutions. Operators must constantly change location and switch between different interfaces. This can lead to uncertainties and increases the likelihood of errors occurring during CT simulation.

Discover a workflow you can rely on: exceptionally smooth, extremely fast, and able to deliver the reproducible, user-independent results you need.

Full mobility

Experience a new world of CT simulation

Solutions that help staff focus on what matters most to patients

Current CT simulation can create anxiety for patients and stress for staff. Patients are left alone for long periods because operators have to spend a lot of time outside the examination room. Anxious patients and stressed operators are barriers to optimal CT simulation.

Our new solutions are built an a patient-friendly design that cares for everyone: It creates a comfortable and calming environment for patients, and helps staff to focus on things that add most value.

Powered by AI

Think you know CT simulation? Let us expand your mind.

Artificial intelligence drives precision and eliminates complexity

Modern treatment techniques require extremely precise therapy planning so that the tumor can be irradiated with high dose while sparing the healthy tissue. This is only possible if the CT simulation consistently delivers high-quality information about the tumor and surrounding organs. Poor scope for accurate contouring hinders confident treatment planning.

Our new solutions enable precise tumor delineation and minimal target margins thanks to AI-powered patient modeling. They automate and standardize key CT simulation steps, and directly deliver high-quality TPS-ready data.

Unparalleled precision

Fight cancer on a new level - no matter how challenging the cases are

A solution that helps you to push your clinical boundaries in the future

Precision medicine, curative intent, and hypofractionated treatments hold enormous potential for patients. Yet they are only possible if the treatment planning data are absolutely precise. Many patients with conditions that present major challenges - such as the inability to hold one's breath - miss out on the benefits because current CT simulation cannot manage the individual complexities they present.

Now imagine a solution that could help you overcome these obstacles and achieve the best possible starting point for fighting cancer more effectively than ever before.  

Discover the new world of CT simulation at ASTRO 2019!

 You'll find us at McCormick Place West Booth #1414

McCormick Place West
2301 S King Dr
Chicago, IL 60616
United States of America

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