Healthcare Executive Alliance
Informação estratégica para uma gestão de sucesso em saúde

Healthcare Executive Alliance

As a healthcare executive, your three main targets are achieving clinical excellence, greater operational efficiency, and financial sustainability. In today’s quickly evolving healthcare markets, this can prove challenging. That is why we foster a continuous dialogue between you and Siemens Healthcare - together reflecting, substantiating, and implementing successful business strategies. As your partner, our aim is to help you succeed by turning your thoughts into actions that make a difference.

Featured topic: Is your institution top of mind?

Referrals account for approximately half of hospital admissions.2 That is why building a strong reputation and staying the top-of-mind provider for your referrers is key to attracting patients. Check out some insights on how to foster a strong reputation. You, the healthcare executive, may benefit not only by attracting more patients but qualified staff as well.

Draw inspiration from our customers' experiences

Transformation Through Partnership

Rush University Medical Center increased patient satisfaction by implementing employee suggestions for a transformation.

A New Era in the Public Healthcare Sector

How a medical center in Argentina became a model for public health provision in Latin America.

Education, Products, and Friendship

The president of the AO Foundation talks about his view on the present and future partnership with Siemens Healthcare.

Better Patient Communication

A tablet app provides support for physicians at Innsbruck University Medical Center with their clinical routine.

Here is how we can help you strengthen your reputation

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