Hematek 3000 System
Practical automation in slide staining for laboratories of all sizes

Hematek 3000 System
Processing systemPlaten
Power requiremenmts110–230 Volts
(refrigerated chamber)

Room temperature
Cleaning agentMethanol
Waste disposalSelf-contained waste drawer
Weight, kg (lb)20 (44)
(H X W X D), CM (IN.)

22 x 54 x 46 (8.7 x 21.3 x 18.1)
Slide collection drawerIncluded
Manufacturer’s reagentsHematek Modified Wright’s Stain, Hematek
Stained slide dryerIncluded
Carrier, continuous loadSpiral gear
Slides/hr~60 (dependent on user-defined pump adjustments)
Cellular applicationsPeripheral blood and bone marrow smears
Other attributesMeets requirements of TUV and UL


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