CARE Dose4D in Cardiac Scanning


On our CT scanners there are several techniques available to scan with the lowest dose. One of them is CARE Dose4D. CARE Dose4D adapts the tube current (mAs) to the patient's size based on the Topogram. The tube current will be automatically lowered for slim patients and will be increased for more obese patients. The advantage is that it is not necessary to adapt the tube current for every patient. The image quality is set by the Quality reference mAs/rot of an average sized patient. The tube current will be adapted if it is necessary to keep the image quality constant. All the Siemens default protocols for cardiac scanning use CARE Dose4D and deliver the correct parameters for an excellent cardiac scan. In customized protocols, check the scan sub-task card to be sure CARE Dose4D is switched on (marked in red on the image).