Faster interventional workflow – less dose


Since the syngo CT 2011A software version for the SOMATOM Definition AS and the SOMATOM Definition Flash was introduced it has become possible to significantly speed workflow with less dose in 3D Interventions1. For example in an ad hoc situation when an intervention is needed, a normal spiral or 3D sequence scan is performed and an intervention chronicle entry is added.

The thin slices from the first scan can easily be used for 3D planning in interventions.
Select a 3D layout, select the recon job with the thin slices (marked in red on image 1), and then drag and drop them into one of the MPR segments (see image 1).

Now it is possible to immediately start the planning and orientation of the intervention. One extra scan (for example i-spiral) of the affected body area can now be eliminated, and therefore, less dose applied (see image 2).

Another feature to save time is the following: By clicking anywhere in one of the three MPR segments, there will be an automatic alignment with the image in the tomosegment (see image 3). Select now the tomosegment with a left mouse click, use the option “Move scan range to displayed table position” (marked in red on image 4) and the i-Fluoro range will now move to the desired position (see image 4).

After loading and moving the table to the desired position, the intervention can start. This works the same for the i-Fluoro mode.