ACUSON NX2 Ultrasound System
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ACUSON NX2 Ultrasound System
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The ACUSON NX2 ultrasound system is designed to serve a wide range of clinical applications, while delivering sharp, clear images to give you the diagnostic confidence you need to make the first diagnosis the right one.

Renal Vasculature Quickly assess blood vessels and vascular function with directional power Doppler imaging.

Simple Breast Cysts Tissue Harmonic Imaging (THI), Advanced SieClear™ spatial compounding (ASC) and Dynamic TCE™ tissue contrast enhancement technology (DTCE) work in tandem for imperceptible wall definition and posterior acoustic enhancement.

Shoulder Supraspinatus Tendon Obtain exquisite detail resolution of the supraspinatus tendon and other superficial structures using the new L10-5v transducer.

Fetal Imaging Advanced fourSight™ 4D technology provides exceptional fetal facial detail.

Cystic Thyroid Nodule Outstanding color flow sensitivity in the small vessels of the cystic thyroid nodule using split screen display formats in 2D/Color.

Endovaginal Ultrasound Excellent color flow sensitivity in the short axis view of the uterus using the EC9-4 endocavity transducer.

Carotid IMT Evaluate cardiovascular risk with syngo® Arteral Health package, allowing clinicians to measure Carotid Intima-Media Thickness (CIMT), a reliable, non-invasive method.

Mitral Regurgitation Quickly assess color flow sensitivity of the mitral valve in 2D and Color using split screen.

Aortic Regurgitation (MR trivial) Evaluate valve function with exquisite detail resolution and color sensitivity of the Aortic Valve.

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