ACUSON NX2 Ultrasound System
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ACUSON NX2 Ultrasound System
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When performance exceeds practicality, the outcome is a user-inspired solution that evokes greater clinical confidence, evolves your practice, and optimizes your investment to advance the standards of imaging — the ACUSON NX2 ultrasound system.

Smart Scanning

The ACUSON NX2 system provides excellent image quality from a value-performance system, utilizing largest-in-class hardware and supporting enhanced operator workflow functionality to improve system uptime and user comfort.


Update your equipment with the largest in class, 21.5-inch 1080p HD display of the ACUSON NX2 system, boasting a 30 percent1 larger monitor with twice1 the pixel density for enhanced image detail resolution and an ultra-modern system design for even the most modern healthcare practice.


Accelerate your routine with three times1 more user-programmable keys and up to 20 percent1 fewer tactile keystrokes on a simplified control panel designed to enable operator efficiency and speed up completion of essential tasks.


Acquisition of dynamic imaging is possible across clinical applications using our cross-compatible, ergonomic transducers, designed to reduce injuries and enhance user comfort throughout the exam.

Smart Performance

The ACUSON NX2 system features new hardware architecture built for dependable and excellent imaging performance so you can approach each exam with a greater level of confidence.


The ACUSON NX2 system generates excellent image quality from a value-performance system for efficient and reliable diagnostic information.


The versatile capabilities of the ACUSON NX2 system cover a vast array of clinical applications using Siemens‘ compatible portfolio of transducers, including two new, exclusive, cost-efficient transducers — the C5-2v and L10-5v — allowing you to adapt to the most unusual clinical obstacle.


An intuitive control panel design combined with up to four front-facing transducer ports optimize workflow efficiency and can reduce the need for repeat exams.

Smart Engineering

The ACUSON NX2 system is engineered to ensure you get the most out of your investment. Compatible transducers provide access to a wide range of imaging capabilities across clinical segments. Intuitive design promotes ease of use and technical proficiency.


Reduce upfront investment by up to 44%1 with Siemens’ fully compatible and scalable transducers.


Real-time support and customizable service plans optimize system uptime and streamline the patient throughput capabilities of your practice.


Easily upgrade as your needs evolve to the advanced applications and value-performance platforms available within the ACUSON NX™ Series portfolio.

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