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CARE Right
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Continuously Optimize Dose with the Right Dose Management
In order to establish consistent dose levels, organizations need to be able to sustainably manage dose across their institutions. They may also be required to document and report dose applied to patients due to regional regulations.

The Right Tools for Sustainable Dose Management
All of these requirements rely on the availability of dose data and adequately educated personal. These two aspects are at the core of Right dose management, which further optimizes dose reduction

DoseMAP - Siemens CT Dose Management Program – provides functionalities like CARE Analytics to report, document, and analyze dose. It lets the user access dose values per case, per examination type, or per patient. Additionally, access to scan protocols can be restricted to protect the set dose levels and to prevent unauthorized changes to the scan parameters.

EduCARE bundles dedicated trainings from Siemens that focus on key technologies and their application in clinical practice. Exclusive tutorials, webinars, e-trainings, and brochures cover a wide range of topics related to achieving the right dose.
Clinical Webinars
“How to guides”

Optimize CARE CT is a consultancy program offered by Siemens Customer Service. Over the course of the program, Siemens professionals guide users towards optimizing the use of radiation in order to reduce dose. Through onsite and offsite support and trainings, users learn how to use the right dose technology to deliver the right dose levels for every patient.