CARE Right
“Committed to ALARA“ VS. “Admitting to guesswork” – Second best is not an option.

CARE Right
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Taking Low Dose to the Next Level
In medical imaging it is essential to provide sound and sustainable clinical results with highest patient safety. When it comes to applying radiation, ALARA - As Low As Reasonably Achievable - is the overarching principle.
For years, Siemens has been at the forefront of radiation reduction. Continuous dedication and unique technological advances have made Siemens CT the low dose leader to catch. Thanks to these efforts, scans at sub-mSv doses found their way into clinical routine.
But as such low doses become achievable, one has to verify whether 1 mSv actually is the right dose for every patient. Obviously, there isn’t one dose level that fits everyone. Every clinical question and every single patient demands an individual and specific dose level. Therefore, while everybody is only talking about low dose, Siemens is convinced that what really matters is the right dose.

CARE Right. Committed to the Right Dose in CT

The right dose is the reasonable balance between applied radiation, image quality and patient care. In order to help customers achieve this balance, Siemens is introducing CARE Right.

This holistic approach is based on the belief that after the recent innovations in radiation reduction, a singular focus on low dose only is not sufficient anymore. Consequently, efforts must now be targeted towards a comprehensive understanding of the right dose. Thus, CARE Right encompasses three key areas: 

With this, Siemens CT is not only adhering to the ALARA principle, but is inspired by it.

Discover CARE Right. Committed to the right dose in CT.