MAGNETOM Avanto Upgrade
Upgrade your MAGNETOM Avanto to MAGNETOM Avantofit

MAGNETOM Avanto Upgrade
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Upgrade your MAGNETOM Avanto to the new MAGNETOM Avantofit. With MAGNETOM Avanto, the full applications coverage is standard and a comprehensive set of advanced applications is available. And, with the accuracy of Tim 4G integrated with the consistency brought to your scanning by Dot, you can achieve excellent image quality and exam reproducibility.

When upgrading your MAGNETOM Avanto to MAGNETOM Avantofit you benefit from:

Higher SNR

Because of the 48 RF channels and the high-density coils of Tim 4G, SNR can be significantly increased in whole-body imaging with syngo REVEAL.
(Left image: Royal Marsden Hospital, Sutton, United Kingdom)

Excellent contrast

Compared to conventional IR sequences, syngo SPACE DIR improves the contrast between the white and the grey matter. This helps to increase diagnostic confidence of lesions in the brain, e.g. multiple sclerosis.
(Left image: Hospital Fach, Santiago, Chile)

An upgrade to MAGNETOM Avantofit offers new advanced applications:

New with syngo MR D13 are Double Inversion Recovery 3D protocols (SPACE DIR) with two user selectable inversion pulses for the simultaneous suppression of e.g. cerebro-spinal fluid and white matter.

A new iPAT2 sequence technique named CAIPIRINHA (Controlled Aliasing In Parallel Imaging Results IN Higher Acceleration) has been added. It can be applied to volumetric 3D imaging, e.g. in the abdominal region. Higher PAT factors require more oversampling. CAIPIRINHA pattern distributes k-space points more uniformly.

syngo RESOLVE (Readout Segmentation Of Long Variable Echo-trains) delivers high-resolution Diffusion-Weighted Imaging (DWI) to visualize the diffusion properties of fine anatomical structures, enabling accurate lesion evaluation. Additionally, this technique is largely insensitive to susceptibility effects, providing detailed anatomy-true diffusion imaging for brain, spine, breast, and prostate.

syngo ASL 3D
3D Arterial Spin Labeling (ASL) allows the non-invasive evaluation of brain perfusion without the injection of a contrast agent. syngo MR D13 offers the possibility of measuring 3D ASL with multiple inversion times (TI). This option provides data which can be used for Bolus Arrival Time (BAT) map calculations. Multiple TI acquisition allows for acquisition of raw label-control pairs at different (equidistant) inversion times. 3D ASL is the radiation free alternative to PET as it offers an increase in SNR and a shorter scan time with reduced motion sensitivity.

MR Elastography
MR Elastography provides the possibility to non-invasively assess variations in tissue stiffness to improve treatment decisions especially in liver fibrosis.

syngo WARP
WARP incorporates different susceptibility artifact reduction techniques. The syngo MR D13 software comes with basic syngo WARP functionality: 2D TSE sequences are combined with high bandwidth protocols and optimized RF pulses tailored to reduce susceptibility artifacts, e.g. originating from MR conditional metal implants.1

Dot (Day optimizing throughput)

Dot is a new way of scanning in MRI – a better way.

Dot scanning uses a suite of customizable engines. Allowing the user to personalize exams according to patient needs, build in step-by-step user guidance, and automate MRI exams – either "out of the box" or based on the institution's standards.

The following Dot engines are currently available for MAGNETOM Avantofit:

  • Brain Dot Engine
  • Cardiac Dot Engine
  • Abdomen Dot Engine
  • Angio Dot Engine
  • TimCT Angio Dot Engine
  • TimCT Onco Dot Engine
  • Spine Dot Engine
  • Breast Dot Engine
  • Large Joint Dot Engine


syngo.via is a comprehensive imaging IT solution, helping you to process read and share images faster and easier. For both routine and advanced MR interpretation.

It can be seamlessly integrated with MAGNETOM Avantofit, improving workflow not only at the scanner, but throughout the organization.

Start your engines for routine, oncology, neurology, and cardiovascular cases:

  • syngo.MR General Engine
  • syngo.MR Onco Engine
  • syngo.MR Spectro Engine
  • syngo.MR Cardio Engine
  • syngo.MR Neuro Perfusion Engine

and benefit from numerous applications transforming the way you view, read, and evaluate with your MR images.

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1MR imaging of patients with metallic implants brings specific risks. However, certain implants are approved by the governing regulatory bodies to be MR conditionally safe. For such implants, the previ ously mentioned warning may not be applicable. Please contact the implant manufacturer for the specific conditional information. The conditions for MR safety are the responsibility of the implant manufacturer, not of Siemens.