Trendsetting Applications
Expand your MRI services. With Trendsetting Applications.

An MRI scanner is more than just hard- and software. Together with our leading customers we’re continuously pushing the boundaries of MRI, and bring groundbreaking innovations into clinical routine, helping you to expand your MRI services.

The facts:

  • 70% of MRI research is conducted on Siemens equipment1
  • Our global collaboration network with leading partners grant access to the newest applications
  • The biggest MRI research community provides knowledge for clinical breakthroughs

The results:

  • We offer you the most comprehensive MRI application portfolio in the market. So you can offer new MRI services to your referrals.
  • Applications that make MRI faster, more robust and clinically relevant. Ultimately allowing for more clinical questions to be answered.
  • High image quality to provide more answers in Neurology, Orthopedics, Cardiology, Pediatrics, Angiography, Men’s Health, Women’s Health and Oncology.


Advanced Applications

Providing you additional insights as options for your MAGNETOM Systems as well as syngo.via for post-processing.

Growth with Body MRI

Open up the huge potential of Body MRI with our embrace motion technology – FREEZEit3.

  • TWIST-VIBE3: Ultra-fast, dynamic liver imaging for always the right contrast timing leading to additional findings.
  • StarVIBE3: Free-breathing constrast enhanced liver imaging to open up body imaging for a broader patient population.


For quantitative liver imaging, non-invasively.


Visualize parametric maps for T1, T2 and T2* providing additional diagnostic information about tissue composition in the heart.

Advanced WARP4,5

For advanced large joint implant imaging.


RESOLVE (Readout Segmentation Of Long Variable Echo-trains) delivers high resolution diffusion-weighted imaging (DWI) for visualizing the diffusion properties of fine anatomical structures, enabling accurate lesion evaluation.


Unique parallel imaging technique for up to 50% faster, high resolution imaging.6

Learn more about these and other Advanced Applications

syngo.via. Get the full picture.

  • A “pre-processing” Philosophy that can support same day report turnaround
  • The applications necessary to expand into new service lines
  • A client-server architecture that frees your workflow, from any one space

This is syngo.via, our intelligent, efficient, and flexible 3D reading and advanced visualization software platform. Use it on a stand-alone workstation or with our client server solution.

Tim Application Suites

Clinically optimized examinations for all routine applications in all body regions as standard on all our MAGNETOM systems.

Neuro Suite
Comprehensive head and spine examinations can be performed with dedicated programs. High resolution protocols and fast protocols for uncooperative patients are provided. The Neuro Suite also includes protocols for diffusion imaging, perfusion imaging, and fMRI.

Angio Suite
Excellent MR Angiography can be performed to visualize arteries and veins with or without contrast agent.

Cardiac Suite
The cardiac suite covers comprehensive 2D routine cardiac applications, ranging from morphology and ventricular function to tissue characterization. Featuring BEAT 2D in conjunction with iPAT and T-PAT techniques.

Body Suite
The Body Suite is dedicated to clinical body applications. Ultra-fast high resolution 2D and 3D protocols are provided for abdomen, pelvis, MR Colonography, MRCP, dynamic kidney, and MR Urography applications. 2D PACE technique makes body imaging easy.

Onco Suite
The Onco Suite features a collection of sequences as well as protocols and evaluation tools that may be used for a detailed assessment of a variety of oncological conditions.

Ortho Suite
The Ortho Suite is a comprehensive collection of protocols for joint imaging including the spine. Also in case of tumors, infections, or vascular necrosis, a large amount of additional information can be acquired using the protocols provided as standard in this suite.

Breast Suite
Excellent soft tissue differentiation, customized protocols (e.g. with fat saturation or water excitation or silicone excitation), as well as flexible multiplanar visualization allow for fast, simple and reproducible evaluation of MR breast examinations.

Scientific Suite

The Scientific Suite supports scientific users by providing easy access to application-specific data for further processing and advanced image calculus.

Pediatric2 Suite

Tissue relaxation times in pediatrics are very different compared to those of adults. The reasons for these differences are: developing tissues, body size, faster heart rates, and compliance with breath-hold commands. Protocols can be easily adapted for imaging infants.

Quiet Suite3

Do you like it quiet? Experience more than 70% reduction in sound pressure1 for complete neurological and orthopedic exams. With no need to compromise image quality.


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1Search hits in Google Scholar for sum of product name permutations in articles acknowledging the use of 3T MRI.

2MR scanning has not been established as safe for imaging fetuses and infants less than two years of age. The responsible physician must evaluate the benefits of the MR examination compared to those of other imaging procedures.

3May not be commercially available in countries outside the U.S., future availability cannot be guaranteed.

4Currently under development; not for sale in the U.S. and other countries, future availability cannot be guaranteed.

5The MRI restrictions (if any) of the metal implant must be considered prior to patient undergoing MRI exam. MR imaging of patients with metallic implants brings specific risks. However, certain implants are approved by the governing regulatory bodies to be MR conditionally safe. For such implants, the previously mentioned warning may not be applicable. Please contact the implant manufacturer for the specific conditional information. The conditions for MR safety are the responsibility of the implant manufacturer, not of Siemens.

6Data on file. MAGNETOM Flash Customer Survey 2013.

7The product is still under development and not commercially available yet. Its future availability cannot be ensured.