Biograph mMR
Simultaneous MR and PET in clinical use.

Biograph mMR
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Biograph mMR helps you meet the needs of demanding high-end research as well as clinical routine.


In oncology imaging you can make full use of the unique features offered by simultaneous MR and PET imaging. Biograph mMR not only delivers important information during early detection and staging. It can be a decisive factor for treatment planning, therapy selection and monitoring, and follow-up.

"PET/MR imaging revealed additional findings - not seen at current gold-standard - in 55 (41%) of 134 patients; findings affected clinical management in 18% of patients."1

Abdominal and pelvic oncology

  • Precise alignment of MR and PET
  • Improved evaluation of smaller lesions
  • Beneficial for several applications, e.g. staging of prostate cancer 

Head/neck cancers

  • Therapy planning in brain tumors by combining metabolic information from PET with BOLD, fibertracking and diffusion-weighted imaging is a very promising application
  • Expanding in the clinical routine in the near future 

Pediatric oncology2

  • No ionizing radiation from MR leads to reduced overall dose
  • Especially suitable for repeated scans for therapy response monitoring or follow-up exams


Bringing MR and PET together offers the potential for a more complete imaging picture and better understanding of neurologic pathologies. Current research and development of new tracers could add even more value.


  • Scientific publications show that Biograph mMR is widely seen as modality of choice for imaging of brain tumors.


Neurodegenerative diseases

  • Provides information leading towards early diagnosis of neurological conditions
  • With new tracer development, Biograph mMR may add to the capabilities of imaging in general 


Psychological disorders

  • Large and growing number of cases
  • With new tracer development and MR-based atrophy quantification, Biograph mMR may add to the capabilities of imaging in general 


syngo.via and Biograph mMR are one

Biograph mMR provides MR and PET data as one dataset – molecular MR acquisition data. Every Biograph mMR includes syngo.mMR General, the advanced visualization software application tool based on syngo.via. This allows you to fully utilize this one dataset in your clinical environment.


syngo.mMR General

You benefit at all steps of your reading and reporting workflow:

  • Automatic loading of mMR data
  • Visualization in precise registration
  • Automatic correlation of all MR and PET markings
  • Multiple time-point analysis
  • One integrated report for final results
  • SUV quantification
  • Semi-automatic VOI segmentation based on SUV or MRI data

Produkty, usługi i zasoby powiązane

1Catalano et al.: Clinical Impact of PET/MR Imaging in Patients with Cancer Undergoing Same-Day PET/CT: Initial Experience in 134 Patients—A Hypothesis-generating Exploratory Study; Radiology, 2013

2MR scanning has not been established as safe for imaging fetuses and infants under two years of age. The responsible physician has to decide about the benefit of the MRI examination in comparison to other imaging procedures.