MRI in Radiation Therapy
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MRI in Radiation Therapy
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Following the rapid adoption of MRI in radiation therapy, Siemens Healthineers has developed tailored solutions that also address those departments that have traditionally used CT imaging alone. On these pages of the MAGNETOM World we aim to increase peer-to-peer exchange of practices and to demonstrate how MAGNETOM users around the world are tackling the challenges posed by the introduction of MRI in the radiotherapy routine.


MRI in Radiation Therapy
David A. Jaffray

4D-MRI Sequence for Radiotherapy Application: Validation of a Retrospective Method on a Motion Phantom
Soléakhéna Ken, et al.

MRI in Head and Neck Radiotherapy Planning
Houda Bahig, M.D. et al.

Optimizing Fiducial Markers for MRI-based Radiotherapy
Ingemar Näslund, M.D. et al.

Performing Gynecologic Brachytherapy in the Medical Innovation Technical Expert Center
Dr. Lia Verhoef, et al.

Early Measures of Perfusion and Diffusion Changes Using a Standardized Analysis Platform Evaluated in Brain Metastases Treated with Stereotactic Radiosurgery
Catherine Coolens, Ph.D. CIPEM et al.

Integration of Diffusion-Weighted Imaging / Diffusion Tensor Imaging into Radiation Therapy Treatment Planning of Brain Tumors
Tong Zhu, Ph.D. et al.

Initial Clinical Experience Utilizing 4D-MRI for Radiation Treatment Planning
Eric S. Paulson, Ph.D., DABR et al.

Metastatic Prostate Cancer in Practice – the MET-RADS-P Imaging Response System Using Whole-body MRI
Prof. Anwar R. Padhani, MB, BS, FRCP, FRCR et al.

Observing Endocrine Therapy Resistance in Metastatic Breast Cancer with Whole-body MRI
Prof. Anwar R. Padhani, MB, BS, FRCP, FRCR

Whole-body Diffusion-weighted MR Image Analysis with syngo.via Frontier MR Total Tumor Load
Robert Grimm, Ph.D. et al.

Whole-body MR Image Reading and Bone Assessment with syngo.via Frontier MR Bone Scan
Matthias Fenchel, Ph.D. et al.

Magnet Homogeneity and Shimming
Mathias Blasche et al.

Radiotherapy Planning Using MRI
Maria A. Schmidt, Ph.D. et al.

Benefits of Time-Correlated and Breath-Triggered MR
Soléakhéna Ken

Comprehensive RT-Specific QA for MRI Simulation
Eric Paulson, Ph.D.

Management of MRI Spatial Accuracy for Radiation Therapy
Teo Stanescu, PhD

MRI in Clinical Radiation Oncology: Dosimetry and Patient-Specific Plan Verification
Niko Papanikolaou, Ph.D.

MR-guided Gynecological High Dose Rate (HDR) Brachytherapy
Joann I. Prisciandaro, Ph.D.

Multi-parametric MRI at 3 Tesla for Prediction of Treatment Response in Rectal Cancer
Dr. Trang Pham

Significant Benefit of Optimized 3D SPACE Sequences in Radiation Therapy Treatment
Karin Petruson, M.D., Ph.D.
Maja Sohlin, Ph.D.

The Potential Role of Ultrashort Echo Time Sequences in MRI Guided Radiotherapy
Gary Liney

4D-MRI: Future of Radiotherapy of Moving Targets?
Antony John Lomax

Development of MR-only Planning for Prostate Radiation Therapy Using Synthetic CT
Peter Greer, Ph.D.

RT Dot Engine
Gregor Thörmer, Ph.D.

Anatomical and Functional MRI for Radiotherapy Planning of Head and Neck Cancers
Maria A. Schmidt, Ph.D.

syngo.via RT Image Suite: Empower Radiation Therapy with MRI Information
Elena Nioutsikou

Technical Aspects of MR-only Radiotherapy
Tufve Nyholm

A Dedicated MRI Scanner for Radiotherapy Planning: Early Experiences
Gary Liney

MR-guided Gynecological High Dose Rate (HDR) Brachytherapy
Joann I. Prisciandaro, Ph.D.

Clinical Application of Diffusion Tensor Imaging in Radiation Planning for Brain Tumors
Jatta Berberat, Ph.D.

Optimizing MRI for Radiation Oncology: Initial Investigations
James M. Balter, Ph.D., FAAPM

Case Report: Functional, Volumetric, Treatment Response Assessment Using MR OncoTreat
Ihab R. Kamel, M.D., Ph.D.

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