MR neuroimaging
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MR neuroimaging
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MRI is the ultimate tool for diagnostic imaging and neuroscience research. Providing morphological images with the highest spatial resolution and unmatched soft tissue contrast as well as unique functional information of the CNS in vivo, MRI is the imaging platform for understanding our most complex organ, the brain. The MAGNETOM Family portfolio provides you the complete spectrum of MR technologies for neuroimaging, enabling comprehensive neuro MR examinations to groundbreaking neuroscience research. 

  • High quality, high resolution DWI and DTI of the brain and spine?
  • Selective, small FoV imaging for fast, high resolution anatomical and functional scans with reduced distortion and no aliasing artifacts?
  • Peripheral nerve visualization in high-resolution 3D?

We have the answers to your challenges in neurological MRI.

Siemens MR application portfolio enables you to overcome daily obstacles in neurological imaging. Get to know our highlights and find out how trendsetting applications help you expand your services.


is a diffusion-weighted imaging (DWI) technique that reduces blurring and susceptibility artifacts.

RESOLVE is largely free of distortions and delivers sharp imaging at higher spatial resolution. It is especially attractive for the evaluation of smaller lesions in a wide range of DWI and DTI examinations of the brain and spine.


uses dynamic excitation pulses to achieve selective field-of-view (zoomed) imaging.

Zoom into your image to appreciate the smallest details, improve diagnostics and expand research possibilities with ZOOMit, powered by TimTX TrueShape. The results? Faster imaging, less susceptibility artifacts and geometric distortions.

MR Neurography (MRN)

is the imaging of peripheral nerves based on magnetic resonance imaging techniques.

MRN is used to evaluate peripheral nerve disorders such as nerve entrapments and impingements as well as locate and grade nerve injuries.

See other applications that answer further challenges in neurological MR imaging.

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Siemens MRI product and application portfolio include state of the art scanners, coils, sequences, as well as unique processing and workflow solutions. Discover our comprehensive portfolio in MR neuroimaging.

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