Breast MRI
High sensitivity and specificity to support cancer imaging

Breast MRI
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Offering high-quality breast imaging and biopsy capabilities

Siemens supports breast imaging on all scanners of the MAGNETOM family and offers breast coils to meet different needs. Our breast coils are designed to provide high SNR for excellent diagnostic image quality or to provide greatest access to the breast for interventions.

Breast 18 Coil1: Excellent high-resolution, multi-parametric breast imaging

The features:

  • 18 independent channels for exceptional iPAT capabilities
  • Only 5.5 kg weight and SlideConnect
  • Mechanically adjustable stabilization padding
  • Flexible up to DD cup size
  • Head first positioning is possible for 60 cm as well as for 70 cm
  • Feet first positioning is possible for 70 cm


Your benefits:

  • High-speed image acquisition
  • Excellent comfort for all patients
  • Easy handling and installation for technologist

Further coils for breast MR imaging and biopsy

16-channel AI Breast Coil for advanced imaging

Breast Matrix Coil for imaging

4-channel BI Breast Coil for biopsy and routine imaging

2/4/8-channel Sentinelle Breast Coil for biopsy and imaging

2/10/16-channel Sentinelle Breast Coil for biopsy and imaging

Sentinelle Breast Coil for MAGNETOM ESSENZA

1The products/features shown on this webpage are not commercially available in all countries. Due to regulatory reasons their future availability cannot be guaranteed. Please contact your local Siemens Healthineers organization for further details.