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MAGNETOM Skyra, as the top-of-the-line 70 cm 3T scanner, offers various technological features, aiding you in obtaining excellent image quality and maximizing 3T. Every case. Every day.

Overview Technical Details
Field strength3 Tesla
Bore size70 cm Open Bore design
System length173 cm
System weight (in operation)7.3 tons
Minimum room size31 m²
RF Tim[204x 24]1 [204 x 48] [204 x 64] [204 x 128]
Gradient strengthXQ Gradients (45 mT/m @ 200 T/m/s)
Helium consumptionZero Helium boil-off technology

Siemens' unique technologies                                   


Tim 4G: The 4th generation of proven Tim (Total imaging matrix) technology provides up to 204 coils elements with up to 64 channels for the accuracy you need.

DotGO1: DotGO is Siemens’ next step in MRI exam software, combining intuitive protocol management (Dot Cockpit1) with quality results for each exam (Dot engines). For true flexibility, consistency, and efficiency.

TrueForm Magnet and Gradient design: Enables imaging of large volumes with Open Bore and short magnet design without compromising spatial resolution or speed.

TimTX TrueForm: Includes innovative techniques in the RF excitation hardware as well as new application and processing features enabling uniform RF distribution in all body regions.
TimTX TrueForm Brochure 2.2 MB

TimTX TrueShape is Siemens' architecture for parallel transmit (pTX) technology and is optional on MAGNETOM Skyra. TimTX TrueShape enables the first zoom function for MR imaging ZOOMit.

RF technology

Tim’s revolutionary all digital-in/digital-out design Direct RF allows for higher signal purity and improved stability. All transmit and receive components are located at the magnet.

  • Optical links between magnet and equipment room to achieve highRF stability
  • Transmit and receive components are integrated in the magnet housing
  • Dual-Density Signal Transfer enables ultra-high density coil designs by integrating key RF components into the local coil


Siting and installation

Life Design, as the Siemens MRI design philosophy, saves you money from the time of installation. The modern and compact design of MAGNETOM Skyra allows for a fast installation and easy siting and requires very little of your expensive floor space.

System length173 cm
System weight (in operation)7.3 tons
Minimum room size31 m²
  • Min. total space requirement for magnet, electronics and console room

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1The product may not be commercially available in all countries. Due to regulatory reasons its future availability cannot be guaranteed. Please contact your local Siemens organization for further details.