VERSANT 440 Molecular System
Easy to use, reliable, and clinically confident viral load monitoring

VERSANT 440 Molecular System
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Designed for flexibility and reliability, the VERSANT® 440 Molecular System allows you to maximize productivity. This single-room viral load platform is designed with laboratory workflow in mind, minimizing contamination risk and maximizing space utilization. Advances in our walkaway automation results in minimizing your technologists' interaction with the system. This means your resources will be able to focus on what's important, instead of interrupting the assay run with reagent preparation and other tedious tasks.


The VERSANT 440 Molecular System uses proven bDNA technology, an accurate and precise viral load method that eliminates nucleic acid extraction steps, greatly reducing the risk of cross-contamination.

Branched DNA technology is a clinically confident and reliable technology. On the VERSANT 440 Molecular System, bDNA delivers accurate, reliable results while maximizing productivity and minimizing costs. A robust solution for molecular HIV and Hepatitis testing.

Leverage these unique benefits of the VERSANT 440 system:

Clinically Confident bDNA Technology

  • bDNA technology (signal amplification) eliminates the need for nucleic acid extraction steps
  • Lowers the risk of contamination vs. PCR methods
  • Reliable assay performance

Quality Menu

  • FDA-approved and CE-marked viral-load assays for HIV and HCV CE-marked assay for HBV
  • IVDD, CE-marked assay for HBV*
  • Assays demonstrate excellent precision across the entire reporting range
  • High level of reproducibility allows viral load changes to be detected with accuracy and confidence

Increased Productivity in Your Molecular Lab

  • Single-room technology – streamlined workflow
  • Minimizes operator intervention – operators set up instrument before initiating the run, then focus on other tasks
  • Automated reagent preparation and delivery
  • Bidirectional laboratory interface
  • Platform processes up to 168 samples per run

Cost Efficiency

  • Fits anywhere in the lab and in any environment (no clean room required)
  • Reduced overhead due to small footprint and conserved laboratory space requirements
  • Minimal consumables and hazardous waste disposal costs

Ease of Use

  • No extraction required
  • Highly automated
  • ELISA-like format is familiar to those new to molecular testing


Produkty, usługi i zasoby powiązane

* Available for sale as a research use only (RUO) assay in the United States.