TRUGENE HBV Genotyping Assay (RUO)
Identify genotype and mutations using direct sequencing analysis

TRUGENE HBV Genotyping Assay (RUO)
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A fully integrated HBV genotyping solution: hardware, chemistry, software, reports

  • A standardized and validated kit allows researchers to directly sequence and interrogate the virus for a more comprehensive analysis.


Proprietary chemistry: CLIP sequencing

  • Produces bi-directional sequences using two fluorescently labeled DNA primers which increases the overall confidence of the base calls


System analysis

  • Siemens’ OpenGene® DNA Sequencing System acquires sequence data in real time, and each pair of forward and reverse sequences are combined and aligned with stored reference sequences
  • Software module contains sequences that correspond to the surface antigen and polymerase regions for genotype A through H and a universal mutation reporting reference sequence for comparison

Single report

  • The TRUGENE® HBV Genotyping Report shows the closest consensus sequence allowing the determination of the viral genotype, and a mutation table showing the published mutations from key scientific journal articles

Timeline for TRUGENE HBV genotyping

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