VERSANT HCV RNA Qualitative Assay (TMA)
Most Sensitive HCV RNA Detection Assay*

VERSANT HCV RNA Qualitative Assay (TMA)
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Improving Accuracy and Lab Efficiency

The VERSANT® HCV RNA Qualitative Assay* utilizes innovative Transcription-Mediated Amplification (TMA) technology to detect the hepatitis C virus (HCV) in infected patients. Detection of HCV RNA is evidence of active HCV infection. The VERSANT HCV RNA Qualitative Assay provides greater throughput with less hands-on time delivering standard-setting performance.

Most Sensitive Detection: Detection of ≤ 5.3 IU/mL allows early identification of virus replication.
Highly Specific Assay: Specificity of 99.6% minimizes the risk of false positive results and increases confidence that positive results reflect true viremia.
Reliable Performance: Featuring comprehensive contamination prevention systems and an internal control to optimize reproducibility and minimize operator-dependent variability of results.
High-Throughput Processing: Reduces hands-on labor time which translates to economical savings for the laboratory (approximately one minute per sample).
Easy-to-Use Technology: Target capture-based sample preparation eliminates the need for cumbersome RNA extraction. Since only the target is captured, serum inhibitors are easily washed away.

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*FDA, IVD. The most sensitive assay for detection of HCV currently approved by the U.S. FDA.
IVDD, CE Marked. This assay is used as an aid in the diagnosis of HCV infection, treatment monitoring and post treatment monitoring.