TRUGENE HIV -1 Genotyping Assay
A truly integrated sequencing solution for HIV drug resistance

TRUGENE HIV -1 Genotyping Assay
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  • Fully integrated, dynamic genotype/resistance testing solution that is kept current through annual, FDA cleared updates to the HIV-1 resistance testing interpretive algorithm: Siemens GuideLines™ Rules.
  • The interpretive algorithm is supported by an independent panel of international HIV experts, providing confidence in the results generated.
  • Guidelines are not limited to publicly available data sets, but incorporate all public and non-published trial data that is available at the time of the Panel meeting. Other competing algorithms are considered and may be incorporated into the GuideLines Rules.
  • Integrated polymorphic fingerprinting capabilities help ensure that potential sample contamination is quickly and reliably identified before results are generated and reported.
  • Best in class sensitivity. The ONLY test FDA cleared for use with viral loads of 1000 copies/mL.
  • Easy-to read color-coded resistance interpretations based upon mutations detected. Incorporates both in-vivo and in-vitro virological response data as well as phenotypic data.

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