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eHealth solutions
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“The need for collaboration platforms in the healthcare sector will be increasing enormously in the future. Today we have many different sectors in primary care – and inpatient care. In the future, they will have to become more integrated.” 

Univ. Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Werner Leodolter,
Steiermärkische Krankenanstalten GmbH
Chief Information Officer, Information & Process Management


With the eHealth solution, clinicians can easily synchronize cross-institutional care, as all patient data are centrally available. 


Cooperative care

  • Combining expertise for better patient care
  • Implementing treatment plans
  • Telemedicine and teleconsultation for easy collaboration with other physicians
  • One electronic health record for all 

Data access

  • All needed data in one portal
  • Permission-based access
  • Every facility uses the same electronic health record
  • Patient portal integrates the patient into the treatment process

Efficient workflows

  • Standardized and synchronized workflows across departments save time
  • Immediate access to electronic health records and direct communication
  • Fast connection and communication for a lighter workload



Being an IHE-compliant infrastructure, the eHealth solution supports IT administrators in providing full connectivity across institutions.


Full connectivity with an IHE-conform software

  • Immediate and simple health information exchange
  • Transparent and secure storage of all patient data in one electronic health record
  • Compatible interface for cross-enterprise communication
  • Expansion of professional network to provide collaborative care

Sharing secure data

  • Data protection a high level
  • Conformity with EU data protection directive and law
  • Control of data permissions by federated authorization and access control system

Scalable infrastructure

  • Infrastructure is scalable for individual eHealth scenarios
  • Easy integration of additional healthcare institutions

Service-oriented architecture

  • Better adaptability to respective requirements
  • Automated allocation of documents to virtual electronic health records
  • Integration into existing system landscape
  • Any primary system can be turned into an IHE-conform document source


Healthcare Executives

With customized clinical application, the eHealth solution supports healthcare executives in realizing resource-saving, high-quality patient care.


Resource-saving eHealth in customized clinical applications

  • Optimization of workflows
  • Coordination of human resources
  • Cost savings with efficient and time-saving pathways
  • Sharing of data and expertise
  • Simple structure that requires less administration

 Customized clinical applications

  • Individual customer requirements and overall communication in healthcare
  • Infrastructure and applications for telemedicine projects support multi-specialty work
  • Teleconsultations and tumor boards

Cost efficiency through enhanced workflows

  • Physicians and employees work where they are needed
  • Time savings by help of telemedicine applications
  • Cost savings by reducing paths for both physicians and patients

Standard-based interfaces

  • IHE conformity secures investments
  • Modest maintenance activities
  • Simple connection of primary systems to eHealth network
  • No exchange of system landscape
  • Workload of resources


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