eHealth solutions
Networking health with care

eHealth solutions
Skontaktuj się z nami

Effective communication in healthcare helps save time and makes appointments much more efficient. The eHealth solution offers a physician portal as well as a self-service portal for patients that provide electronic health records on demand.

Additional applications of the information system support cross-institutional treatment processes. With the teleconsultation and clinical conference application, physicians can even participate in treatment processes without being physically present


Synchronized care

By centralizing patient-related information access to in an electronic health record, the eHealth solution helps provide a complete picture of a patient case. This reduces unnecessary examinations, optimizes workflows, and supports cooperative care – the basis for higher efficiency and patient safety.

Full connectivity

With its scalable infrastructure and standardized IHE-compliant interfaces, the eHealth solution is easy to integrate and administrate. To boost communication in healthcare, it can easily connect existing systems to the network via adaptors, and its modular architecture ensures high adaptability.

Resource-saving eHealth app

The eHealth solution closes gaps in collaborations – with high data security – and helps reduce redundant care, saving resources and costs. The IHE-compliant and future-oriented software facilitates your access to eHealth and protects your investment.

Secure image sharing1

The eHealth solution supports the efficient exchange of clinical images with peers for research and education. When uploading DICOM imaging studies directly from the PACS, patient information is automatically removed according to the selected privacy profile. Recipients can easily add comments. Topics can also be created, which makes sharing, collecting, and retrieving cases easier.

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