Cardiovascular Imaging and Information Solution
Connected cardiovascular care

Cardiovascular Imaging and Information Solution
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Rising cost pressure, staff shortages, increasing amount of complex data, and decentralized work environments: strong trends are forcing transformation in the healthcare sector – and your IT platforms must keep up. Find out how Siemens’ Cardiovascular Imaging and Information Solution can make a change.

High quality data to improve outcomes and enable value-based care

Insufficient data can lead to uncertain decisions – which might lower performance or quality of care. Your Cardiovascular Imaging and Information Solution should provide comprehensive data throughout the entire clinical path.

Comprehensive structured reporting

Make use of consistent data and structured reporting – working with information that is standardized and presented in a clear, organized format, so findings and changes are easy to track.

Your value: Improves communication and coordination of care


Customizable report templates
Experience how fast and efficient cardiovascular reporting can be – with customizable report templates that easily adapt to the way you work and to the service your referrers demand.

Your value: Easy to adapt to your clinical workflows

Rules-based Decision Support

The customizable rules based Decision Support functionality helps to find missing or inconsistent data in the procedure report before sign off.

Your value: Helps to achieve complete and consistent procedure reporting


Increased performance through single point, enterprise-wide access - to data and images

Is your staff wasting time walking from one workplace to another, because not all data are available everywhere? This is not only an efficiency issue. It also makes it difficult to get a comprehensive view of all information related to one case.

Bi-directional data flow with EHR

Siemens’ Cardiovascular Imaging and Information Solution enables a bi-directional data flow with your Electronic Health Record, enabling relevant information to be available when and where it is needed.
Your value: Enrich information quality while reducing manual data entries


Graphical Congenital Heart and Vascular Diagrams
Advanced features such as graphical diagrams for congenital heart disease and vascular results show relevant findings at a glance. This enrichens your reports and simplifies communication with referrers and patients.
Your value: Make abnormalities easy to communicate


Single point of access
Siemens’ Cardiovascular Imaging and Information Solution is your single point of access to data and images, across your enterprise. This enables a comprehensive view on your case and on the patient.
Your value: Review of information across the enterprise


Operational efficiency - through advanced IT capabilities

Are you operating several systems and interfaces to run your cardiovascular imaging workflow? Typically, your effort for managing those disparate systems is higher than necessary. A centralized, unified cardiovascular imaging and information solution can help here.

Scalability across the enterprise
The solution is highly scalable to support your enterprise strategy today and tomorrow. Customize it to your needs in terms of procedures, users, departments and locations.
Your value: Lower costs by capitalizing on fewer systems and interfaces

Centralized User Management
With your unified cardiovascular solution, you can manage many users across the enterprise, in a centralized way – this is much more efficient than managing and maintaining users across several systems.
Your value: Improve operational efficiency

Support of server virtualization
Siemens’ Cardiovascular Imaging and Information Solution allows to use advantages of virtualization, saving hardware and implementation cost.
Your value: Reduce total cost of ownership

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