Stereotactic Biopsy with Mammomat Inspiration
Easy & effortless shift to biopsy

Stereotactic Biopsy with Mammomat Inspiration
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Improved usability and optimized workflow
Enjoy an improved level of usability and an optimized workflow thanks to the easy-to-use control box holder. In addition, up to 25 targets are sent directly to the biopsy device and PACS system.

Exceptionally user-friendly
The biopsy unit weighs less than five kilograms (11 lbs), thus making it particularly easy to handle. The needle holders are integrated in the biopsy tower. So you only need to slide the unit over the detector to prepare the system for biopsy mode.


Extra convenience
The compression paddles are now even more convenient and can be cleaned in the blink of an eye thanks to their detachable plastic parts.

Multiple release options

Three different X-ray release options provide both efficiency and flexibility. Choose between the standard control box, the hand switch, or the foot switch, depending on what best fits your needs.

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