Dimension EXL with LM Integrated Chemistry System

Dimension EXL with LM Integrated Chemistry System
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Dimension EXL with LM Integrated Chemistry System - Features & Benefits

LOCI Technology Inside

  • Trusted results in a flash
  • Homogeneous chemiluminescent technology
  • Fast and accurate
  • Excellent precision
  • High sensitivity
  • Short reaction times, no washing or separation steps
  • Excellent STAT testing capability
  • Low sample volume required

True Integration

  • Integration of chemistry and immunoassay with comprehensive menu
  • One sample area
  • Common reagent area
  • Common reagent packaging


Trusted, Proven Technologies

  • LOCI® advanced chemiluminescence
  • Heterogeneous Module
  • Photometry
  • QuikLYTE® IMT
  • User-defined serum index (HIL) testing
  • Automation capabilities


Workflow Efficiency

  • Process any test, any time, any shift
  • Plasma qualified assays
  • Fully automated onboard pretreatment (when required)

Fewer Manual Tasks

  • Automated calibration and control procedures
  • Infrequent calibration
  • Paperless, electronic data storage
  • Proactive STAT, sample, supply, QC and calibration alerts
  • No manual reagent preparation
  • No manual sample pretreatment
  • No dedicated STAT positions required




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