Act on Heart Failure
For excellent processes in heart failure care.

Act on Heart Failure offers new opportunities for the assessment and improvement of intrahospital structures and clinical processes and their integration with outpatient services and affiliated cardiology practices. The complexity of clinical care for heart failure patients, with its multitude of diagnostic procedures and pathways as well as numerous multidisciplinary therapeutic approaches imposes substantial demands on state-of-the-art heart failure disease management.


The facts:

  • The individual risk to develop heart failure in the course of one's life is 20%.1
  • Only 63% of all heart failure patients receive the complete guideline-recommended medication.2
  • At least one out of 5 patients suffering from heart failure is readmitted to the hospital within 30 days.3
  • Between 2002 and 2008 the direct costs for heart failure increased by more than 35%.3
  • Guideline-adherent heart failure treatment can decrease the risk of a hospital stay by 40%.5
  • Integrated healthcare concepts in the outpatient sector can decrease heart failure mortality by 21%.6


How is the risk-adapted treatment of patients with heart failure organized in your clinic?
How do you ensure the optimal care for your patients based on constantly evolving medical guidelines?
How do you integrate all relevant facts and disciplines into therapeutic decision making?

The approach

With Act on Heart Failure, Siemens has created a new consulting approach focusing on process improvement in the clinical management of heart failure. Based on a systematic model, encompassing clinical guidelines, the latest scientific results and clinical best practice expertise, Act on Heart Failure rates the maturity level of complex clinical processes on a scale of 1 to 5.

Derived from this analysis, Act on Heart Failure offers specific optimization recommandations, and generates a prioritization of implementation measures, dedicated to continuously improve the quality of heart failure care and associated workflows in your hospital.

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