Managed Services
A clear view of the essentials. Shaping the future individually. With the right partner in the background.

Managed Services
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Your goals in sight.

The right support. Just as you need it.
Your IT requirements are unique. With our modular service, we can support you in just the right way. This begins with defined services for applications or individual IT infrastructure issues, spans several service levels, and ends with partial or complete outsourcing.

Let’s talk about your goals and needs. With Managed Services, you’ll find just the right IT solution for your hospital. To achieve success together. For the future of your clinical IT.

Looking ahead – with the IT services you choose.
These services include modular services for applications or partial systems during the monitoring and support of these environments – from system monitoring and hotline and helpdesk services to upgrade or update services. Examples of these services include SecureDB, which supports you in securing your productive data. Or RecoverIT, which uses a certificate to confirm that your data storage is fully functioning and readable. This yearly confirmation can then be submitted to your auditor.

Safe and secure – with IT infrastructure support
We have taken responsibility for the infrastructure management of entire IT systems for our clients for many years now. Our service spectrum ranges from system monitoring and system care to the operating of IT environments. This includes support for servers, virtual systems, databases, networks, back-up, storage, communication, and mobile devices. On this service level, the client continues to be responsible for supporting applications.

Rest easy – with applications support
We not only take charge of managing hospitals’ IT infrastructure, we also support their clinical and administrative applications. This ranges from tailor-made application management to the provision of standardized software solutions, on the basis of a monthly user rate as prescribed in the Application Service Provider (ASP) model.

We shoulder the load – with partial or complete IT outsourcing
On this level of service, we take on our clients’ partial or complete IT operations – including the transfer of IT staff and the IT infrastructure into the hands of Siemens Healthcare. Within the terms of suitable business models, individual contracts are approved and a strategic IT service partnership with Siemens Healthcare is established.