Managed Services
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Managed Services
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About Managed Services
To remain competitive as a service provider, you need to be able to clearly concentrate on the important things, such as making diagnoses and therapy. Your IT is the key to ensuring this by boosting the efficiency of your working procedures – and Managed Services from Siemens Healthcare by supporting efficient IT operations.


Thanks to incremental levels of service and a modular approach within these levels, we can deliver just the right IT support you need. The result is new-found freedom that enables you to concentrate on strategic tasks and projects.


Clearly defined and long-term, predictable IT costs give you more transparency and leeway for investing in your main business – healthcare.


After all, we also always have the world behind your IT in sight: your institution, your processes and your patients.

Managed Services. For your healthcare IT.

Your IT requirements are unique. Our modular approach, which features various levels of IT service, enables us to support your unique requirements in just the right way – from individual service components to full solutions.

However, regardless of the type of support you need, you can always count on three things: uncompromising security, high efficiency and easy orientation.


Security without compromises.
Tried-and-tested processes. Proven technologies.

Managed Services. For your healthcare IT.

Your data is secure as you can expect from a high quality service provider. Our data center is certified according to the ISO 27001 standard. An in-house business unit for data protection at Siemens Healthcare sees to it that legal regulations are consistently adhered to and implemented, thus maintaining a high level of data security.

Your IT operations is secure. Because we monitor your system proactively, and our experts perform appropriate measures for system maintenance and optimization. This way, we can counteract performance problems and errors early on in your IT operations.


Efficient straight up.
Standard processes. Predictable costs.

Managed Services. For your healthcare IT.

Efficiency thanks to standardized processes and predictable costs. An important goal within IT is to increase the efficiency of clinical working procedures. In light of the mainly low numbers of staff in the IT department, the economical use of existing labor resources is particularly important. However, it is just as important to concentrate on the tasks that make a valuable contribution to the main business – healthcare – as it is to relieve staff of extra duties, such as administrative IT tasks.


Simply well oriented.
Binding agreements. High transparency.

Managed Services. For your healthcare IT.

Managed Services is a matter of trust. Every hospital has to frequently consider the “make or buy” question: “What do I want to do and have to do myself?” Or: “What can I and do I want to hand over to a specialized service provider?” A clear cost-benefit analysis is just as important in this case as the hospital’s IT strategy.

Arrange your personal Service Level Agreement with us – for measurable, binding service quality. For ensuring clarity. Transparent, fair and with creating a partnership in mind.