SAP for Healthcare
Administrative, Financial and Archiving Information Systems

Siemens offers a full spectrum of comprehensive, integrated solutions that help enable better care and lower costs across the healthcare continuum. By making information available when and where it’s needed, our solutions enable better decisions and practices at the point of care and beyond. <br />
SAP for Healthcare

Across the world, healthcare institutions are facing greater demands with regard to quality of care. At the same time, hospitals require the maximum possible operational efficiency and cost transparency to meet increasingly tighter budgets. Integrated system solutions that support healthcare providers effectively are one of the keys to success.


In response to the growing demands on the healthcare market, Siemens and SAP* have significantly expanded their long-time partnership. Together, our companies pursue the aim of creating an IT solution that helps healthcare providers realize enterprise-wide integration. The goal of this joint solution is to help our customers improve patient care, increase efficiency and transparency, and reduce total operating costs. Because financial, administrative, and clinical processes influence each other, it is necessary to develop a homogenous, integrated IT solution that takes these mutual influences into account. This requires systematic integration that strictly avoids stand-alone solutions. Based on enterprise-wide information, it is possible to create greater transparency of hospital operations, which enhances overall hospital management.



*SAP for Healthcare is not intended to be used for monitoring, clinical diagnostic, and/or therapeutic purposes, or to replace clinical judgment or responsibilities. Healthcare professionals remain responsible for diagnosing, monitoring vital physiological processes and for all therapeutic measures and thus should always refer to the primary information source before making any clinical diagnostic plan or treatment.

Please check with your local Siemens organization on the availability of this product in your country as the product might not be commercially available in all countries.

**SAP is a registered trademark of SAP AG.

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