Sysmex CA-620 and 660 Systems
Two options to meet your needs

Sysmex CA-620 and 660 Systems
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PTThromborel® S Reagent, Dade® Innovin® Reagent
APTTDade Actin® Activated Cephaloplastin Reagent, Dade Actin FS Activated PTT Reagent, Dade Actin FSL Activated PTT Reagent, Pathromtin® SL Reagent
FibrinogenMultifibren® U Reagent, Dade Thrombin Reagent
Thrombin TimeTest Thrombin Reagent, Thromboclotin® Reagent1
Batroxobin TimeBatroxobin Reagent
Factor DeficiencyCoagulation Factor VII Deficient Plasma, Coagulation Factor VIII Deficient Plasma
Lupus AnticoagulantLA1 Screening Reagent1, LA2 Confirmation Reagent1
Protein C PathwayProtein C Reagent, Berichrom® Protein C*
HeparinBerichrom Heparin*
AntithrombinBerichrom Antithrombin III (A) reagent,* INNOVANCE® Antithrombin*
Von Wilebrand FactorvWF Ag®,1* INNOVANCE VWF Ac1*

Note: Sysmex is a registered trademark of Sysmex Corporation of America

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1. Not Available for sale in the U.S.
*Offered on Sysmex CA-660 System only