Sysmex CA-560 System
Have you automated D-dimer testing?

Sysmex CA-560 System
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The Sysmex® CA-560 System allows the small-volume lab, running up to 50 samples per hour, the convenience of performing all of its coagulation assays on one analyzer. The system allows even the smallest lab the ability to offer automated D-dimer testing. Ideally sized as a backup instrument for the Sysmex CA-1500 and CA-7000 Systems, or as a primary instrument for smaller peripheral laboratories requiring a fully-automated analyzer, the Sysmex CA-560 provides solutions to labs of all sizes.

Simplifies testing with a small footprint and easy to use features

  • Allows technicians with various skill levels the ability to perform testing through easy to use features
  • Offers easy result management with a built-in printer
  • Saves space: it offers the smallest footprint in its class
  • Provides a simple touch screen interface coupled with bi-directional LIS communication for easy operation
  • Features removable reagent trays for ease-of-use
  • Displays sample rack number


Maximize efficiency through simultaneous testing

  • Performs clotting, chromogenic, and immunologic testing simultaneously
  • Runs patient samples in conjunction with quality control samples


Provides confidence in patient results

  • Identifies sample tubes at time of sampling
  • Provides positive sample identification with built-in bar code reader
  • Detects antigen excess for immunoassays with automatic software checks
  • Auto-calibrates the clotting LEDs for precise detection of derived fibrinogen
  • Signals expired reagents with warning messages


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