Luminos Agile
A RADical new way in fluoroscopy

Luminos Agile
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The first patient-side system with true dual-use capability for fluoroscopy and radiography

Luminos Agile is the investment that keeps on giving by allowing you to serve more patients. With the 60 cm (24") wide patient opening, a 275 kg (606lbs) capacity table and true dual-use capability for fluoroscopy and radiography, it provides the agility to improve the patient’s experience. Further, it expands your customer base by making yours the facility of choice.

Sharpen your competitive edge
Innovative features, such as pre-set patient transfer positions, fully motorized tower movements, and a motorized detector park give you the freedom to focus on providing the best possible examination experience. More satisfied patients will improve your standing as provider of choice.

Accommodate patients easily
With an adjustable table, a wide patient opening and a weight capacity of up to 275 kg (606lbs), Luminos Agile offers comfort and safety for all patients, especially those with limited mobility. With Luminos Agile, clinics are best prepared for patient care challenges of today and tomorrow.

Maximum return on investment
With the Ysio option, Luminos Agile is a fully digital and fully integrated radiography system with true dual-use capability. A combination of the fully synchronized ceiling-suspended tube*, the wireless detector (wi-D)* and Bucky wall stand* expands your examination range and increases utilization.

Seamless, fast, and efficient examinations
A streamlined workflow shortens examination times and increases throughput. The FLUOROSPOT Compact digital imaging system manages your workflow from registration to archiving.

Improved ergonomics and reduced injury risk
Increase your success with the help of motivated staff. Luminos Agile offers a fully motorized tower for effortless movements controlled with the one-handed OPTI Grip. The height-adjustable table and the active collision control minimize the risk of injuries during patient transfers and examinations.

Luminos Agile, because not all your patients are.

* Option

The first patient-side system with a height-adjustable table for fluoroscopy and radiography

Luminos Agile brings patient-side imaging right to your patients. The table height easily adjusts from 65 cm to 112 cm (26'' to 44"), and with a fully-motorized tower, system movements are effortless. The fully-synchronized table and wall Bucky tracking help improve your radiography workflow and increase throughput.

For your entire range of patients
The spacious table design offers height adjustments even at the the highest weight capacity of 275 kg (606 lbs). And the widest patient opening at 60 cm (24") easily accommodates larger and wheelchair-bound patients.

Easier patient transfer
The height-adjustable table with a range from 65 cm to 112 cm (25'' to 44") allows for easy patient transfer and an ideal working height for each operator. With two pre-set transfer positions – horizontal and vertical – the system can easily be moved into a patient-friendly position with a single push of a button.

Perfect patient coverage
The broad scanning range and 8-way tabletop movement of both detector and tabletop enable coverage from head to toe with virtually no need to re-position the patient. This improves the clinical workflow and ensures patient comfort.

Easy one-handed control
The improved OPTI Grip handle enables even more ergonomic table-side operation for both left- and right-handed users. With the single-handed control of key functions and fully motorized tower movements, positioning the digital imaging tower has never been easier.

Table-side touchscreen control
Located within easy reach, the touch user interface provides instant access to all examination parameters. The intuitive touchscreen allows for quick selection of organ programs and exposure parameters. Comprehensive table-side controls are placed within easy reach.

Designed for excellent patient access
The space-saving open design of Luminos Agile enables easy access to patients from all sides. The barrier-free interaction improves safety and enables an enhanced examination experience.

True dual use
With the Ysio option for Luminos Agile, the fully-synchronized table and wall Bucky tracking improve your radiography workflow and increase throughput, and the wireless detector allows for fully flexible radiography.

Compact 2-in-1 workflow
The FLUOROSPOT Compact digital imaging system for both fluoroscopy and radiology is intuitive and easy to operate. The one-stop workstation improves your workflow efficiency from registration to documentation, and advanced postprocessing further enhances image quality to support more accurate diagnoses.

Safety for patients and staff
Luminos Agile is equipped with collision protection devices on both sides of the tower. It improved safety for both patients and staff.

Luminos Agile - because not all your patients are.

The first patient-side system with a flat detector for fluoroscopy and radiography

The first patient-side system with a flat detector for fluoroscopy and radiography

Luminos Agile lets you see things in a whole new way. The 43 cm x 43 cm (17 " x 17 ") flat detector delivers high-quality dynamic and static imaging, while the ability to change the field of view without radiation reduces fluoroscopy time. And the system’s wireless detector allows for fully flexible radiography. That’s why we call it agile. Luminos Agile, because not all your patients are.

Large dynamic flat detector
The large 43 cm x 43 cm (17" x 17") flat detector ensures excellent patient coverage – 116% larger than the coverage achieved with a 33 cm (13") image intensifier. The flat detector delivers distortion-free high-quality dynamic sequences and static images that provide detail resolution up to 3.4 lp/mm resolution.

Enhanced image quality
The unique Siemens imaging chain includes DiamondView Plus for significantly better image quality. It reduces noise while increasing detail contrast and sharpness of radiographic images. Digital Density Optimization (DDO) improves image contrast and detail in fluoroscopic images.

Luminos Agile - A RADical new way to view fluoroscopy

The competitive healthcare environment

Today’s healthcare system is becoming highly competitive. Cost pressure and cuts in spending have resulted in an increase in competition for patients and the need for higher utilization rates. In addition, patients have become used to comparing service offerings, including researching online, to make an informed decision on their healthcare provider. Online patient communities and rating platforms have further increased the relevance of referrals.

Better examination experience
Fluoroscopy is a very intimate and interactive modality and can involve uncomfortable procedures. This is even truer for obese and geriatric
patients. A key to patient satisfaction is to overcome these challenges. System design plays a very important role in offering a more comfortable
and safer examination. With the growing number of patients with limited mobility, Luminos Agile is designed to accommodate the full range of
your patients and help you deliver a positive examination experience.


Become the provider of choice
Luminos Agile empowers you to give patients their smile back and become their provider of choice. Designed to offer maximum agility and
interaction, the system is perfectly suited to answer the needs of each patient. Luminos Agile gives you the freedom to focus on the personal
interaction with your patients and to achieve the best possible examination experience. The result: satisfied patients that recommend your
clinic, which is the key to long-term success and future growth.

Dose reduction with CARE features

CAREFILTER – Dose reduction on the fly

CAREFILTER offers organ-programmable copper filter selection that reduces the body entrance dose.

CAREMATIC – Automatic exposure adjustment
CAREMATIC automatically calculates and optimizes exposure parameters based on fluoroscopic values.

CAREMAX – Dose-area measurement

CAREMAX is a specialized chamber in the collimator for dose measurement and monitoring.

CAREVISION – Pulse frequency reductions

CAREVISION provides pulse frequencies of 15, 10, 7.5, and 3 pulses per second, extending the optimization of low-dose imaging in real-time. A high frame rate pulsed fluoroscopy at 30 frames per second is also available.

FluoroLoop – Sequence storage

FluoroLoop* offers the storage and replay of fluoroscopic sequences, virtually eliminating the need for re-exposure.
Thanks to background buffering, the decision to store a sequence can even be made retrospectively.

CAREPROFILE – Radiation-free collimation

CAREPROFILE* enables collimator positioning without radiation by using the last-image-hold (LIH) for orientation.

CAREPOSITION – Dose-free patient positioning

CAREPOSITION* facilitates quick and easy patient repositioning without the need for additional radiation by using the last-image-hold (LIH).

* Option

FLUOROSPOT Compact Digital Imaging System

Compact digital imaging system

The FLUOROSPOT Compact is our one-stop workstation for the complete examination from registration to archiving process. It can be used as a stand-alone system or integrated via DICOM connectivity to make images available whenever and wherever they are needed.

High-resolution, fully digital imaging

The 43 cm x 43 cm (17“ x 17“) flat panel detector delivers fully digital fluoroscopy as well as high-resolution radiographic acquisitions. Radiography images from the wireless detector are processed at the same workstation and placed in a single patient folder.

All information at hand

FLUOROSPOT Compact offers direct access to all relevant patient data, organ programs and imaging parameters. Images can be reviewed before printing or archiving. Storage options include DVD/CD, USB, PC format (.avi, .tif), and video streaming direct to DVD.

Ysio option for Luminos Agile

With the Ysio options, you can take advantage of a fully synchronized solution with table and wall Bucky tracking. Chose a combination of the innovative wireless detector (wi-D), ceiling-suspended tube with MaxTouch user interface, and Bucky wall stand for true dual-use capability.

Wireless detector

Delivering fully digital, high-resolution images for review within seconds and facilitating an optimized clinical workflow, the wi-D can be used in the table Bucky and wall stand, as well as for free exposures.

Ceiling-mounted tube

The ceiling-mounted tube adds fully-featured radiography to the fluoroscopy suite. The tracking function with the table Bucky and wall stand supports fast positioning and its integrated MaxTouch display adjusts to the orientation of the tube.

Large MaxTouch display

The MaxTouch display features a color touchscreen interface, providing instant access to patient data, organ programs, and key parameters without the need to leave the examination room.

Wall stand

The Bucky wall stand with vertical tracking lends even more versatility to the system. Using the wi-D, the complete spectrum of upright examinations can be performed easily and conveniently.

Seamlessly centralized data

All digitally acquired radiographic and fluoroscopic images are stored in one patient folder. This saves time and costs by avoiding having to merge the images on a PACS workstation.

Long leg and spine imaging

The Ortho option provides long imaging of the legs and spine by automatically acquiring and composing a single image from a sequence of up to four single images. Acquisition is possible on the wall stand or table Bucky and composing on the FLUOROSPOT Compact or external syngo X workstation.

* Option

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