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Besides capital expenditures, labor cost, and return on investment, there are other vital factors influencing the profitability of your institution. Differentiating oneself from the competition and building a strong reputation can be just as important as financial aspects. With Siemens technology, you can tackle population-specific business opportunities that boost your bottom line.

Up for a challenge?

Consider this: In Europe alone, 22% of hospitals are considered to be at high financial risk.1 In times of financial pressure and strong competition, having a partner you can count on can make the difference. Find out more about our offerings that can help improve your financial performance:

Competing for the leading edge?

Consider this: With approximately 11 million cross-border patients spending up to $5,000 per visit, medical tourism constitutes a global market worth $55 billion.2 As you know, competition for those patients is growing every day. Find out how we can help you gain a competitive edge:

Is your institution top of mind?
Consider this: Referrals account for about half of hospital admissions.3 In Germany, for example, 80% of patients primarily rely on their family doctor's recommendations when choosing a hospital for treatment.4 That is why it is crucial to remain the top-of-mind provider for your referrers. Here is how we can support you:

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