LD Business Management Executive Program
Tarrytown, New York, USA the week of October 1.

LD Business Management Executive Program

Day 1: Marketing and Products

  • Overview of the Principles of Healthineers™
  • Siemens Healthineers Division
  • Meet the Global Vice President LD MSC
  • LD Global Marketing strategy
         Atellica® family
         Automation and IT
         Assays/Disease States
  • Communications strategy
  • Optional dinner

Day 4: CRM and Finance

  • CRM continued
  • Finance excellence
  • Instrument forecasting process
  • Business Partner Management
  • Executive Program Management Team Dinner

Day 2: Research & Development (R&D), Site Tours, and Product Lifecycle Management

  • Product Development and Assay R&D
  • Research and Development Tarrytown laboratory tour
  • Product Lifecycle Management
  • Quality process
  • Flanders facility tour
  • Group activity
  • Dinner

Day 5: Tailored One-on-one Meetings

We are happy to offer one-on-one meetings to colleagues who wish to have more in-depth discussions or training on specific topics. The meeting will be arranged with the relevant Tarrytown colleague on Friday morning to maximize the week.

Day 3: Services and CRM

  • Healthcare Consulting Solutions organization
  • COF2 Value and the proof point library
  • Value Adding Services
  • Customer Care Service overview
  • Group activity
  • Business Management and Consulting Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Free evening


Please contact Hilda Crockett at hilda.crockett@siemens-healthineers.com


The Agenda is subject to change prior to the start of the Program

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